Tuesday, 6 January 2015

60 Million WordPress Sites and Counting…Here’re 4 Reasons

60 million websites are using WordPress, 1 million WP sites are emerging with the every passing day, and NEWS has been the most populated tag in all WordPress posts. Can you decipher the secret that is fueling up this virtual phenomenon?

Let us look at an angle of global business environment. Considerably, business organizations are swiftly moving towards physical extinction. Even giant business conglomerates are preferring to go online in order to decrease the operational cost of physical presence. They are giving much heed to online mediums instead of optimal visibility in local markets. Relatively, customers are also changing their mindset towards online engagements in order to get comfortable and authentic shopping experiences. Therefore, you can understand that global span and jet speed development of WordPress.

 However, you may be thinking that why you should go with an open source technology that does not even provide real-time support like enterprise technologies. If you are thinking so then this post will be very useful for you.

Open Source is Financially Favorable
By going with this open source web content management system, you can easily get the better outputs from the assigned funds for online branding. Usually, enterprise software companies ask for monthly or annually rental fee for retaining the rights of your website. Therefore, you will invest the whole of your money just on availing the user rights of enterprise technologies. In this way, you will look for funds for virtual promotions. On the other hand, WordPress will provide all required functionalities to enhance the visibility and organic traffic at your site. However, you will have to take personal interest for increasing the momentum of your web site.

Cutting-edge Virtual Promotion Assistance
WP is a great tool for virtual promotion. You can set any achievable record while going with WP and accomplish in a certain period. Technically, you just need to understand the right process of virtual promotion in WordPress. It provides social media integration, search engine optimization friendly web architecture, and custom URL creation facilities. With all these facilities, any WordPress blog or site can drive organic traffic. Therefore, this is an important reason to go with WP instead of enterprise software applications.

Future Withstanding Factor
Usually, business organizations adopt a web technology after looking at future withstanding factors. This tendency and business practice helps WordPress in increasing its fans globally. Considerably, WordPress is based on PHP that allows object oriented coding. So, you can create tailor-made features and update your site with concurrent technologies in coming future. This has been a prominent reason behind adoption of WP by leading business brands.

Flexible Web Architecture
With flexible web architecture of this CMS tool, users can easily create special changes in their websites without investing a big sum of money.

After looking at these aspects, you can easily reveal the reason of phenomenal rise of WordPress in open source arena. Nowadays, business organizations adopt the community edition of this tool and take WordPress CMS development services for addition of custom settings in their websites.

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