Tuesday, 30 December 2014

How to Adapt Your Website to Mobile Devices?

Regardless of the fact, if you are a business owner or individual writing blog, the mobile revolution is a fact, it is enough to check latest newspaper, if you still do not believe. Having responsive website, your message (offer, remarks, memories) will be clearly visible on the different types of screens. Thanks to this, you will be capable of reaching both the persons using the smartphones and iPhones  manufactured in 2014 and five years ago. Being equipped with an access to the settings enabling the selection of desired options, you are able to customize your Internet profile.
More and more users, especially young, are used to checking their emails, paying bills, searching for the club in the neighborhood or ordering a pizza, without a traditional computer. This category of clients prefers the mobile phones and if you treat these people like your target group, do not miss this fact. WordPress training videos serve as a valuable source of information for amateurs. The short movies show that the mobile version of the website is within your reach. A variety of the sizes of the devices is a good starting point to consider including this option to the project.

The only one effort you need to make is to find the box titled “Enable Mobile Theme”, looking for the “Appearance” and then “Mobile section”. It is possible to protect the site from displaying full posts.  A selection of desired solution allows the readers having the mobile devices browse a user-friendly web page. Even if you choose a theme Minileven and the site does not remain responsive, it is still clear and easy to browse. A regular version is available for the page viewer – it is enough to  chose “Full Site”.
Having an opportunity of preparing the profile adapted to different devices, you are able to encourage new visitors. Watch our WordPress training videos allowing you to create a responsive website and increase the number of the readers.  

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