Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Learn to Write Effective Subject Lines by Joining Email Marketing Course

The success of an email marketing campaign lies in several elements, including the creation of compelling subject lines. By taking the time to write effective subject lines for your emails, you are essentially generating interest in the recipients of your mailing list. This will directly improve the open rates of your emails, and thereby provide more opportunities for calls to actions being heeded. However, in the process of creating subject lines, one must also ensure that they are not interpreted or fall under ‘clickbait’ category so as to prevent having their corporation’s email labeled as spam.

Here at Wordpress Training Singapore, we understand the importance of creating healthy email marketing campaigns. Hence, we have taken the time to create and conduct comprehensive email marketing training course sessions for interested participants.

By signing up for our email marketing training course, participants will be given training by experienced professionals for a wide range of topics including:
  • Utilization of Email Marketing Management Software (MailChimp)
  • Mailing List Creation and Management
  • Email Template Usage and Customisation
  • Report Generation and Analysing
  • Signup Form Insertion  
  • Improving Rates (Open and Click)
  • Content Generation
  • Email Automation Techniques

Interested participants will be able to gain both theory and hands on practise during the training courses, thereby gaining a better understanding on how to continue using and implementing email marketing practises even after the course has ended. In addition, our email marketing training course is kept at an affordable rate so not only will participants be able to benefit from learning valuable practices, they will also be able to do so without too much strain on their budget. Eligible corporations and participants can seek for an even further price reduction since all our training courses are SkillsFuture approved and PIC claimable.

Sign up for our email marketing training course today and earn valuable insight on further refining your own email marketing strategy! For more information, please do contact our dedicated staff members!

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